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Ventures Camp ecosystem exclusive benefits

Discover, learn and grow in our exclusive design thinking space. This is your bridge to new ideas and creative connections. Take advantage of the best innovation ecosystem at La Finca Business Park.


  • Priority access to our premises: Enjoy our workspace and meeting rooms at LaFinca Business Park, ideal for fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Be part of an environment of mutual support and continuous learning.


  • Exclusive events: Access to investment events, workshops, training and conferences that promote learning and the exchange of ideas.
  • Exclusive networking: Opportunities to connect with a community of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.


  • Personalised advice: Meetings with experts to address specific challenges and accelerate growth.
  • Specialised services for start-ups and entrepreneurs: MVP launch, strategy and positioning, digital marketing, growth, etc.

Our Partner Programmes

Ventures Member

0 €/month

Amortised in only 2 events

Ventures Partner

0 €/month

Amortised in only 2 events

Ventures Gold

0 €/month

Amortised in the first month

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